Photographic Services

Photography Engagement

CRS Photography specialise in Wedding Day, Children & Baby, Events & Private Party settings. Each photographic engagement is conducted in a friendly, personal and warm approach. CRS Photography understand that these moments are often once-in-a-lifetime…

Our photography engagements typically entails.

  • Initial workshop/meeting to discuss and agree which package and options best suit your wishes
  • A quotation including any options or agreed changes in terms or rate is electronically sent to you.
  • To safeguard all parties (you and CRS) a contract is created which simply reflects the agreement in place and all of our terms and conditions. Two printed copies will be made which both need our signatures. We’re afraid that we’re not able to start any agreed photography shots without both copies being signed by both parties, one of which is kept for your records.
  • On the day we will arrive at the location and time contained inside of the contract and do our upmost to capture the very best of your special day.
  • After the event we then work to create your photography product, this is typically made up of:
    • Physical Album of set printed photos*
    • Digital copy of set photos*
    • Password protected online access to set of photos**
*A set of photos are an agreed number of photos from the shoot
**Online access for 12 months

CRS recognise that each event is unique and special and therefore encourage that you enquire if there are any specific other general requirements. Contact us now

Photographic Services Cost

Every occasion is unique and special so each engagement cost will vary depending on the session time and photographic product to be delivered to you. However, consider the examples below to provide an indicative* view of total cost.

*Only agreed costs based on individual quotations and conttact are valid and binding


Unit Costs

The cost of our photography engagements are typically made up of two elements; time spent on the day shooting and time to process the photographs  (selecting album pictures, digitally editing, website upload and creating the photobook).

Hourly Rate
  • Typically £60 per hour
  • Minimum 2 hours
Processing Rate
  • Typically £60 per hour
  • A hour for every 15 processed pictures
  • Minimum of 15 pictures per engagement
  • 15 picture increments only. (i.e 15, 30, 45, 60 etc.)


Example 1

Wedding Day
  • 8 hour day
  • Bridge or Groom dressing, main ceremony, main meal and speeches.*
  • 60 photographs
  • Physical A4 Album
  • Digital copy (DVD or USB)
  • 12 Month password protected online album (a unique URL)
  • Total Cost: £720 
*Evening party in NOT included unless pre agreed.


Example 2

Event or Private Party
  • 6 hour day
  • 60 photographs
  • Physical A4 Album
  • Digital copy (DVD or USB)
  • 12 Month password protected online album (a unique URL)
  • Total Cost: £600

Free Photobook, one year online access and offline digital copy (DVD or USB) for every engagement.

Your Photographic Product

After the photoshoot, your pictures are edited and will be placed online for you to see. We are happy to change or include specific pictures you might request. Once you are happy with the final selection we then do several things.

  • Create the physical photobook in the chosen style
  • Create a dedicated password-protected online gallery page on this site
  • Create an online download package containing the album
  • Copy to either a DVD or USB stick containing the album